Cosmic American Heartthrob Blues

by The Royal Wigs

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"An alt-country Americana supergroup of sorts, the Royal Wigs (bassist J. Scott McClintock from the Great Lakes Myth Society; singer, songwriter, and guitarist Joe Black from Girls Like Cigarettes; drummer Frank Corl from Seldon Plan; singer and guitarist Ralph Rodriguez from Agents of the Sun; and occasionally Mike "Slo-Mo" Brenner from Magnolia Electric Co and Jason Molina's band) already had a long and illustrious indie pedigree when they joined forces.

Named after a wig store Black used to walk by in New York City, the band recorded its debut five-song EP at Orion Studios in Baltimore, Maryland; entitled Cosmic American Heartthrob Blues, the EP was released in December of 2012." --Steve Leggett ALLMUSIC GUIDE

"The debut EP from the mercurial, Baltimore-based roots rockers comprising members of Girls Like Cigarettes, the Seldon Plan, Great Lakes Myth Society, Magnolia Electric Co, and Agents of the Sun, the independently released Cosmic American Heartthrob Blues offers up five evocative originals that skillfully blend elements of traditional country (as in Hank and Waylon), heartland alt-rock (Hüsker Dü, The Replacements), local watering hole-approved Americana (Whiskeytown, Son Volt), and road-tested classic rock (Flying Burrito Brothers, The Band) into an intoxicating rust belt-born brew that's drinkable by all, yet tailored to the gypsys, tramps and thieves." --James Christopher Monger ALLMUSIC GUIDE


released December 15, 2012


Joe Black - Vocals, Guitars
Ralph Rodriguez - Guitars, Vocals
J. Scott McClintock - Electric Bass Guitar
Frank Corl - Drums

Also Featuring:

Mike "Slo-Mo" Brenner - Lap Steel, Pedal Steel, Slide Bass on "It's Over Now."


Produced by Joe Black, Pedro Aida, and Mike Potter
Recorded by Mike Potter at ORION STUDIOS, BALTIMORE, MD
Lap and Pedal Steel recorded by Mike Brenner in Philadelphia

Cover Art/Photography: Paul Van Katwijk.
Models: Moishe Cohen and Christie Tan.
Pictures taken at Burning Man 2012, all rights reserved.

All Music/Lyrics Joe Black (C) (P) 2012
Published by "Joe Black is Dead Music" BMI All Rights Reserved
All music arrangements: Black, Rodriguez, McClintock, Corl.



all rights reserved


The Royal Wigs New York, New York

An alt-country Americana supergroup of sorts...

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Track Name: White Line Fever
Got off the plane, it was an awful flight
I didn't get a lick of sleep last night
All I thought about was coming on home to you
I know you think love is just a game
But acting like that will drive a man insane
I'm asking you woman, whaddya want me to do...

White lines: gonna kill myself
I don't give a damn about anyone else
White lines: what'd you go and do that for?
You been running round town while I been gone
White Lines: are killing me.
Shoot out the lights and bury me...

Didn't have a thing worth living for
I been down for a year up in Baltimore
I'm asking you honey, when you coming home to me?
I need to know when you'll be home
Cuz I can't spend another night or week alone
Asking you woman, whaddya want me to be...

Track Name: Leaving New York City
Went down to the Mason/Dixon
And drank half a bottle of Jack
Hey hey hey
Looks like I'm leaving New York City
I don't know when I'm coming back
Hey hey hey

Maybe I'll head to California
And live in the Hollywood Hills
Maybe I'll grab my old guitar
And head down to Nashville
Out on that lonely road
I don't know when or where...I'll see you out there...

Fell asleep in Penn Station
I was waiting on the midnight train
Hey hey hey
Officer, I'll move right along
I was just trying to stop the pain
Hey hey hey

Maybe I'll head down to Virginia
Think about it all a while
Maybe I'll head up to Chicago
I love that Magnificent Mile
Out on that lonely road
I don't know when or where...I'll see you out there...

We're all just prisoners of the white lines
And all the memories we left behind
We're all just prisoners of that lonely road
And I'm still getting old...getting old...on that lonely road...
Track Name: Laurel Canyon Hangover Blues
Stepped off the plane today
The California sun is wrecking my brain
Haven't got a place to stay
The ex-wife and her high-priced lawyer
Took my mansion away...

Didn't wanna be your worst enemy
Didn't wanna be your worst frenemy
I'm all alone, I'm by your side
It's true...all red-eyed and blue

Hey girl whatcha doin to me?
Running around LA with that Johnny Depp wannabe?
Is this how you wanna end the night?
His pretty face all messed up
And me and you in a fight?


I gotta get out of the Hollywood Hills
Gotta get some new friends
Gotta get some more pills

You know its true: nobody love you like I do
Love you like I do...
Track Name: Oh, My Soul
Oh, my soul
What happened to our rock and roll?
Things don't sound the way they used to...
Oh, my lord
How did we get so bored
Everybody sounds just like you...

Everybody's got a broken heartache
Everybody hurts sometimes
Everybody's gotta sinking feeling
Everybody's gonna lose their minds

Oh no: Oh, my soul...

Oh, my soul
Where did all of our time go
Things ain't been the same without you around
Oh, my lord
How did we get so bored
When we died inside we barely made a sound...

Wanna live in a dream
Wanna live in my record machine
Wanna live in a yellow submarine
Track Name: It's Over Now
She told me last night
I don't wanna fight anymore
Looks like its over now...

She sold everything
Gave back her wedding ring
Looks like its over now...

Can't get no sleep
Can't get no peace
Can't seem to make it through this world alone

She's leaving today
Ain't nothing I can do or say
Looks like it's over now